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Dr. Gail Jackson is an HCG diet doctor and women’s health specialist who has been helping Santa Monica, California area residents lose weight and get back in shape for over ten years using the revolutionary HCG diet. With over hundreds of patients successfully treated with Dr. Jackson’s HCG medical weight loss plans, she understands that each patient is unique. Dr. Jackson strongly believes that a holistic approach using natural HCG hormones and a healthy meal plan is the best way to help her patients achieve safe and sustainable weight loss results.

Whether you have tried other weight loss programs and not been satisfied with the results, or this is your first time looking into weight loss solutions, please contact HCG diet specialist Dr. Gail Jackson for a FREE HCG medical weight loss consultation. Dr. Jackson will work with you to develop an HCG diet plan designed for optimal results in your body.

Balancing You in Your Time of Change

Dr. Jackson serves patients in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas of Beverly Hills and Hollywood offering various hormone therapies, gynecology services, and HCG medical weight loss plans. Dr. Jackson has dedicated her practice to a comprehensive focus on women’s health, providing a full range of treatments for a wide range of conditions common in women. Age gracefully and make the most out of every day with balanced hormones and a lean and slimmer figure, talk to Dr. Gail Jackson today about women’s health therapies and treatments that may be right for you.

Most traditional medical doctors operate from a disease model, which means that they look for specific problems to fix. Typically, this involves writing a prescription designed to treat a symptom, and having the patient return to evaluate whether the condition has improved. Dr. Jackson looks at all the presenting symptoms as a whole in each patient and identifies a treatment plan targeted at the root cause of the issues.

Where to Start

To make sure that you are healthy enough to start your weight loss journey with an HCG diet plan, Dr. Jackson will conduct a full panel of blood tests and a physical evaluation. In addition to these tests, each patient discusses their ideal weight and weight loss goals with the Doctor prior to beginning the HCG diet. Dr. Jackson will develop an HCG diet plan unique for each patient based on test results, age and weight loss goals, with a meal plan and daily HCG doses designed for optimal results.

Dr. Jackson educates each of her patients on what to expect from the HCG supplementation as part of their HCG diet plan. A custom tailored meal plan means that each patient is getting the proper amount of nutrients from food every day, preventing protein deficiencies and the negative side effects of hunger.

A Customized Plan for Your Unique Needs

Other weight loss programs tend to treat everyone the same. Traditional diet plans give instructions at the start that don’t account for the fact that everyone is different. A menopausal woman or a man with type II diabetes may get very different results from the same diet. Even when you go to your primary care doctor for advice, you typically receive a printout of diet advice that you have already read dozens of times. The only problem is that you have tried following the recommendations in the past with limited success. It feels like no one is listening to you or truly cares about your challenges with losing weight.

Dr. Gail Jackson understand the importance of taking your prior health conditions, age, gender, previous weight loss attempts, and other factors into consideration before recommending a specific diet plan for you. Once she has a good understanding of your background, current health, and weight loss goals, Dr. Jackson provides you with a suggested meal plan which is based on a limited daily caloric intake for the active phase of the program.

Physician Supervised Safe and Effective Weight Loss Results

One of the greatest benefits of the HCG diet is that you remain under medical supervision the entire time. You will see Dr. Jackson for your initial evaluation and usually once a week during your HCG diet. Dr. Jackson personally meets with each of her patients during every consultation to make sure she stays current with your progress and can address any needs or concerns you may have.

In addition to in-office appointments at Dr. Jackson’s Santa Monica, California HCG medical weight loss clinic, patients also benefit from telephone and email support throughout the diet process. Past Santa Monica area patients of Dr. Gail Jackson’s HCG diet plans have identified this added layer of support as an invaluable piece of motivation and inspiration to keep them dedicated to their weight loss goals.

While every patient has different results, most patients can expect to lose anywhere from a half-pound to two pounds daily during the active phase of an HCG diet. This phase usually lasts for 30 or 60 days depending on the specific HCG diet program recommended for you by Dr. Jackson. After you have completed the active phase of the HCG diet, the maintenance phase begins. Dr. Jackson recommends that her patients slowly begin to return to normal daily caloric intake while maintaining their newly formed healthy eating habits and exercise regimens to ensure the weight stays off for good during the maintenance phase.

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